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OUR services

Our services are driven by our in-depth understanding of clients marketing objectives with over 20 years of experience and our proprietary marketing tools. 

  • Brochure website = Not selling any product or services                                   $1,200.00
  • E-Com website = Selling products or service                                                    $1,800.00 +
  • Web Management & Marketing 
    • Includes:
      • Internet Social Media Marketing (2 posting per month on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
      • Web Editing with client supplying the images & data (This generally comes in the form of trade magazines or data from web trade links)
      • Hosting - With up to 5 e-mail accounts
      • Google Analytics -  We'll link the client to this service, so they know who is visiting the website and their demographics
      • Monthly Fee - $650.00 per month for a term of 6-12 months 
  • Social Media Sales Tools - We teach staff or sales teams how to use social media as a free sales tool.  One time charge for this of $700.00 for up to 6 people.  This is done in person, not a webinar.